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ClinicYou is a new direction for healthcare IT. It is a web based Software as a Service (SaaS) product, created on years of front-line experience with healthcare IT initiatives and clinical informatics. It provides a unique patient centred approach to healthcare information sharing using social media paradigms.

ClinicYou Ltd was formed in 2008 in the UK as a privately held company. Its team of four directors bring together medical, business and design expertise to ensure a whole host of creative innovation across the business. ClinicYou has already undergone strenuous testing in real-life clinical settings by a number of clinical groups nationally.


Meet the Team Dedicated to bring about change for faster, safer, more efficient healthcare delivery.
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A Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist, Dr Ken Laji is a Lead Clinician in his specialty in a UK teaching hospital. He is an active force in local and national healthcare IT initiatives in the UK. Besides a busy clinical practice, he looks after the departmental IT needs. He has developed and deployed a number of clinical information systems since the early 1990’s and masterminded ClinicYou as a powerful support tool for busy clinical teams.

He believes that making key clinical information available at the point of care, across organisation boundaries, is vital for patient focused approach to healthcare delivery. His keen interest in web technologies and passion for presenting clinical information in an intuitive way has ensured that ClinicYou development has been very design-led from ground up.

Chris Mitchell is internationally recognized by the leading design houses as the man behind the development and execution of some of the worlds most high profile illustrative brands. Many have become classics of our time.

Collaborating closely with fellow directors and his network of trusted professionals, Chris draws on his wealth of creative experience to provide valuable insight and direction to the ClinicYou vision, ensuring design meets function in every respect. His eye for business detail has been invaluable in the creation of the software and brand strategy. Chris is an advocate of ‘great things come from thinking outside the box.'

Mark has a great deal of commercial experience behind him covering management, marketing, design and international licensing having worked for IBM, Virgin, CBS and Bertelsmann.

He was instrumental in setting up and managing a creative design partnership in the 90's and has become a director of a successful DVD film label.

Mark is a natural innovator and is part of the team that advises the company on strategic and business process. He also helped conceive and create the company brand icon, corporate identity and various parts of the software application.


Guy Slater is one of the UK’s leading bariatric surgeons. He provides obesity surgery to patients through the Streamline Surgical LLP, of which he is the co- founder, as well as treating NHS patients in his capacity as an upper GI surgeon.

An authority on complex bariatrics and laparoscopic surgery, he has contributed to a number of specialist related publications. Guy has also been a key personality on a number of recent notable television documentaries that have featured his clinic and its specialist work.

He has been actively involved in helping shape ClinicYou into a powerful tool that delivers exactly what busy clinicians need to run their practice, whilst focusing on patient care.

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