EHR gets social for speed and efficiency

A unique paradigm in clinical collaboration

ClinicYou uses the familar social network way of 'post and comment' with behind scenes email notifications for collaborating on patient care.

Since every clinician involved in a patient's care, including people who are not active ClinicYou users, work from the same unified health records, such 'conversations' are powerful way of professional interaction and clinical dialogue. This cuts down time taken for traditional mode of (printed) letter based clinical communication.

This collaborative EMR forms the heart of every patient casenote, and updates from all relevant casenotes are displayed on the login screen for all clinicians. Automated email notifications further enhance the usability of this feature.

Invite your colleagues

You can invite a colleague to collaborate with your specialist team on your patient. As you start typing a name the popup screen, ClinicYou presents matches progressively. If a match is not found, you can add a new person. All you need is a name and valid email address. Your invitation will be sent to the colleague with a short personal message, along with login details.

From this point onwards, notification of every entry in the patient notes will send in automated email to the invited colleague, thus cutting down administrative time writing letters.

Invited clinicians once logged in will see a list of all patients shared by others in one place.

Empower your patients

This is patient-centred healthcare as it should be. Patients themselves can invite other healthcare professionals through their secure portal in this way to view and contribute to their health records.