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Enjoy a breath of fresh air. A whole new working lifestyle.

Feel assured that lost files and illegible notes will be a thing of the past.

Collaborate with other healthcare professionals in a timely manner for better informed care delivery. Freedom to work efficiently from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud-based. Nothing to install.


All you need is a web browser and internet connection.


All the tools you need to run your practice - instantly!


Flexible Clinic Invoicing

Generate invoices automatically for appointments attended, procedures and even EMR entries. You can create invoices retrospectively if needed. Set automated reminders and follow up  invoices with attached comments facility.

View your invoice data in the practice finance dashboard automatically for a complete overview.

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Clinic Invoicing

Clinic Scheduling

Save time looking for that slot

ClinicYou can automate managing your clinic capacity. You specify your clinic locations, clinician resources needed, fees and fee splits. Once you configure these, ClinicYou automatically manages your clinic capacity and makes it easy to find free slots.

What's more, the scheduling system is available to patients and all linked practices too!

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Web based EMR Scheduling

EMR Meets Social Network

Clinical Communication Redefined

ClinicYou's EMR system uses a Social Media-like methodology to allow clinical colleagues to collaborate and communicate around clinical episodes automatically.

You can even invite colleagues who are not ClinicYou users to view and write in patient records. This saves time by cutting out traditional letter based communication.

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Facebook for Medicine!

Easy To Use EMR

Spend more time caring for patients

Medical community have long suffered poorly designed, difficult and unintuitive medical records software. ClinicYou on the other hand is elegantly simple, easy to use interface.

Capturing clinical data including coded information is very easy within ClinicYou. Doctors and nurses will quickly get used to the collaborative EMR environment, freeing up more time for patients.

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Easy EMR Software

Link Practices

Create a virtual network with other clinics

Some clinics work closely with others nearby and have many patients in common. It makes sense to link the practices together to share patient records. You can do that within ClinicYou whilst keeping financial data separate. This way, doctors and nurses can access patient data from the linked practice easily, book appointments across the network and collaborate better with colleagues, thus achive better healthcare outcomes.

Web EMR networking

Patient Access To EMR

Empower patients

A dedicated web portal enables patients to login to their medical records. Clinicians can send custom web forms for patients to fill in through this portal.  After a clinical encounter, patients can post feedback, view their invoices, appointments, and set reminders.

Through this web portal patients can invite any clinician (including non-ClinicYou users) access to their medical records.

Empower Patients

Document Management

Integrate paper documents into EMR

We understand that there will be paper. With ClinicYou, you have a way of integrating paper documents into your electronic workflow. ClinicYou allows uploading scanned documents and other files to allow creation of complete medical records.

You can even create new clinic letters if you want. When a new document is uploaded or created, all linked clinicians are notified automatically by email.

clinic document management

Built-in Dictation Engine

Manage your clinical dictation easily

ClinicYou web-based EMR has a web based software for voice recording built straight into the medical record, so all you need is a microphone to dictate clinic letters.

Transcription can be delegated to qualified ClinicYou support staff if you prefer. And clinicians can still listen to the voice files whilst awaiting transcription.

Clinic dictation engine


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Access your cloud data on the move using our elegantly designed, game-changing iOS Apps!

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