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Design-led, intuitive and affordable web-based medical practice management software - on the web, iPad and iPhone!

Collaborate across boundaries saving time and money for better healthcare delivery. Your patients deserve it!



We believe in making powerful medical software elegant, easy and simple to use.

Elegant web-based EMR software that enables

seamless clinical collaboration.

Medical EMR apps designed as they should be.

 Simple, intuitive and stylish.

Web App

In creating our web-based EMR software, design and user experience were at top of our agenda. The result is a beautifully designed, intuitive interface which is unusual in medical applications.

ClinicYou web application requires little or no training. Clinicians and back office staff will love working with it.

Our rich Web 2.0 app is designed like your favourite social media software. As a result, majority of our users have required little or no training to use ClinicYou.

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FREE iPad App

We started off with building the best rich internet-based EMR application. Then came the iOS platform - with its agile and responsive operating system and immensely portable devices. We jumped at the chance to develop apps to run on that platform to work with our web-based EMR solution.

The result - a best in class iPad app with fast access to your cloud EMR. Best of all, this app is FREE to download from the AppStore. You will need a valid ClinicYou subscription to experience the app.

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FREE iPhone App

Our FREE iPhone app enables clinicians to search and find patient demographics and their contact details quickly from an address book containing all patients registered with your practice.

Clinicians and front desk staff can photograph and attach patient portraits to medical records using the app. Future updates will add more functionality, including digitising paper documents for the EMR, capturing clinical photographs and making textual progress notes on the move.

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iOS EMR software

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