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No upfront costs or minimum length of contract.

One price for ALL features!

Our simple monthly subscription covers all the fantastic features of ClinicYou and you have full access to them all.

See for yourself - FREE demo

Sign up today on our live system and you will not be billed anything for two whole months. During this time, you can test out all the features of ClinicYou. After 2 months, your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customisations and data remain intact).Of course you can cancel your account anytime by going to My Account/ClinicYou Invoices whilst logged into your account.


per clinician per month


First 2 months FREE

The price includes unlimited document uploads, patient registrations and use of all the ClinicYou features. First two back office staff (your support staff) registrations are free - enough to get you started with a secretary and a front desk staff. Each additional Support Staff registrations on the account costs £15 per month.

Cost or cost savings? Can you afford not to?

Designed to improve efficiency

Eliminate frustrating delays and losses in healthcare delivery. ClinicYou instantly improves and streamlines your workflow to bring efficiency savings.

Enhance quality of care

By adopting a new method of clinical collaboration where every healthcare professional works from within the same virtual space, you eliminate much of the delays and wasted time inherent in traditional clinical workflows.

Audit your practice

ClinicYou allows capturing coded, structured clinical information. This allows teams to conduct prospective clinical audits to critically examine and improve their practice.

Manage your resources effectively

ClinicYou's scheduling system takes into account every healthcare professional within your teams, their availability and fee splits. The system automatically manages capacity to streamline your operations.

Cut down time and cost spent travelling

Since every member of staff has access to all of the information from anywhere, you save on time spent travelling to access in-house systems and for key data - a direct cost saving!

More efficient document management

Delivery of clinical information between professionals by traditional means is time consuming and expensive. By having all related information in one place, these delays and costs can be avoided.