What are your security concerns?

Staff losing sensitive papers, laptops and removable discs?

Security benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing for healthcare is now prime-time. It removes the historic security problems with handling clinical data especially related to on-premises storage and transfer of both paper based and electronic data. Where are your patient records at present?

Freedom to work from anywhere, without the risk of losing patient data

Now clinicians can work from anywhere, anytime without fear of losing patient records. ClinicYou keeps all your sensitive data on our secure servers and you access it remotely using our web and iOS apps. No data are stored on devices.

EMR Security

Have you risk-assessed your current practices?

It is likely that many pratices, particularly individual clinicians in sole-trader practices, experience data breaches all too often. Printing, faxing and transferring information on portable devices and removable media are all associated with inherent risks of security breach. Nevertheless, hundreds of healthcare professionals rely on these methods everyday.

ClinicYou offers a better solution

ClinicYou offers a better solution. Healthcare professionals, including who are not  regular users of the software, can work from within a secure platform. Learn More >

Designed by clinicians

Unified ClinicYou was developed by clinicians who understand the inherent flaws in the current traditional workflows. Learn More >

How does it work?

Web EHR Security

ClinicYou incorporates robust enterprise level security, making it instantly far more secure than existing arrangements for many clinicians.

We have taken great care in sourcing the most secure hosting platform for ClinicYou, ensuring physical security of your data.

The software was developed using enterprise class tools to maximise security. Transport between your computer and the server uses a high-graded 128-bit encryption to secure transmission over the internet, similar to online banking services. Keeping your data secure in your own premises is expensive and difficult, with security breaches all too common.

ClinicYou frees you from having to worry about the security of patient information, security updates or disaster recovery plans.

'Cloud' computing is now mainstream, with many people using it in their everyday lives. As the web infrastructure and speed of access improve, more and more poeple are finding keeping their data in the cloud a better option than carrying it on laptop computers and removable disks.  ClinicYou iPad and iPhone apps do not keep data on these devices, but merely provide a conduit to cloud data.

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