Designed to suit healthcare teams of all sizes, working from anywhere with internet access.

The exciting methodology behind ClinicYou provides direct benefit to all health professionals and admin staff by allowing seamless flow of information and clinical collaboration. Learn More >

For healthcare professionals

Whether you are a singlehanded practitioner, in a group large or small, ClinicYou enables you to computerise your practice within minutes.


Being a web-based tool that is accessible from anywhere, ClinicYou is an ideal for healthcare professionals on the move or are working from different sites. ClinicYou is design-led, intuitve and easy to use - you will be up and running in no time at all.


Who are you?

ClinicYou can be used in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:


> Single-handed practioners or members of a team of healthcare professionals such as doctors, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, community healthcare support team, care homes etc.

> Clinics and specialist services.

> Emergency services and paramedics.

> Healthcare professionals at sea and in the field.

> Sports injury clinics.



For Patients - free access to EHR

Parts of ClinicYou electronic health records (EHR) created by clinicians can be made accessible to patients.  Patients can selectively invite any healthcare professional they choose to view and contribute to these records.


In other words, ClinicYou is an online health-vault for patients. In addition, where allowed, patients can book consultations directly through the system. The system automatically reminds patients of upcoming appointments by email.


Traveling Abroad

For patients, having access to their health information accessible anywhere in the world is a true cause for comfort. For example, patients considering having an operation abroad it will be a great help to have all their medical history, diagnoses, results and related correspondence available to local clinicians. Once given access to these records, the local clinicians can write in the medical records and the healthcare team at home will receive automated email notifications of these entries - enabling them to collaborate with surgeons abroad if needed.